Amendments to TransPennine Express timetable from December 2018

Received the following from TPE today.

Whilst the loss of regular through trains to Leeds is disappointing, as it was one of the few benefits of the May 2018 timetable, it has to be recognised that the experience of the past four months, as evidenced by over 600 cancellations in just 16 weeks, has shown that it wasn’t possible to operate the May 2018 timetable reliably.

SMART would like to see a direct service to Leeds restored when practicable, but not at the expense of reliability. At the moment, there’s a trade-off between the two.

Hopefully this will see an end to the farce of trains being turned round at Stalybridge on a regular basis.


Amendments to TransPennine Express timetable from December 2018


As you will be aware, our services have been affected by a range of performance issues since the introduction of the May 2018 timetable which has affected the punctuality and reliability of our services on the North TransPennine route.


We wanted to take the opportunity to outline performance improvement changes we will be introducing to the timetable in December to provide greater resilience for services on this route.  Since May, over 70% of delays to our services have been caused by factors outside the direct control of TransPennine Express.  We have therefore worked with Network Rail and Northern to develop an industry plan to deliver improvements to train service performance.


With the agreement of Transport for the North and the Rail North Partnership, and following consultation with their local authority members, as part of the timetable change on 09 December 2018 we will make amendments to a small number of TransPennine Express services as follows:


  • The current service that operates in each direction between Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds, calling at Stalybridge, Greenfield, Marsden, Huddersfield, Deighton, Mirfield, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, Batley and Morley will from this date be operated by two separate trains as follows:

    • Manchester Piccadilly to Huddersfield, calling at Stalybridge, Greenfield, Marsden and Slaithwaite

    • Huddersfield to Leeds calling at Deighton, Mirfield, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, Batley, Morley and Cottingley

  • The current service that operates between Hull and Manchester Piccadilly will have two stops removed and will no longer call at Batley or Slaithwaite.  These calls will now be made in the newly introduced Huddersfield to Leeds and Manchester to Huddersfield services respectively (as above)

  • We will make changes to increase the turnaround time of Newcastle/Middlesbrough to Manchester Airport services at Manchester Airport.  This does not alter the timetable for customers but will improve the reliability of these services


We are confident these changes will provide customers with a more resilient and reliable service.


These changes have also enabled us to make progress on responding to stakeholder requests for improved local station connectivity between Manchester and Huddersfield and Leeds and Huddersfield and to reduce the number of stations calls between Hull and Manchester.

There are no other structural changes being made to the timetable at December.  Timetables (on-line, printed and published at stations) will be available in advance of the winter timetable change as per normal.  We will circulate links to these timetables once available.

We will continue to closely monitor performance and assess the impact and effectiveness of these changes and consider, particularly in light of the performance of services in and around Manchester, whether further amendments will be required to improve train service performance.

We would also like to apologise again to all customers who have been affected by any delays or cancellations since the May 2018 timetable was introduced.  Compensation for eligible season tickets holders is available ( and compensation is provided from any delays of 30 minutes or more via our Delay Repay scheme (  Claims should be made by 01 October 2018 for the May 2018 compensation scheme.

We look forward to introducing these service changes on 09 December 2018.

Provisional timings have now been published in the National Rail journey planner, and show most trains at Slaithwaite on the opposite half hour from now, plus some changed timings on Northern’s peak extra trains that call at Marsden in the westbound direction. These will now run from Huddersfield to Marsden, wait in platform 3 for 25 minutes, and then continue to Manchester.

It appears there is one through train to Leeds from Marsden (0610) & Slaithwaite (0613), and two through trains from Hull/Leeds which continue to call at Slaithwaite (Leeds 1640, Slaithwaite 1707 & Leeds 1740, Slaithwaite 1807).

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3 Responses to Amendments to TransPennine Express timetable from December 2018

  1. Oliver Wright says:

    From the perspective of someone commuting from Marsden to Manchester, this makes sense and hopefully will be a real relief – devil’s in the detail, but I dare to hope that this means more regular services between the Colne Valley villages and Piccadilly?

  2. Mike Deane says:

    So no changes to the service betweeen Manchester airport and Glasgow or Edinburgh….. as a daily commuter from Oxenholme to Manchester do I assume
    It is still standing room only from Piccadilly and a cast iron guard tee of at least
    15 minutes delay every night still?

  3. admin says:

    The Manchester to Scotland service is not in our area, so we have not looked at it.

    The Lakes Line Rail User Group would probably be able to advise on any changes affecting Oxenholme.

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