Simulating the Huddersfield Line Train Experience

Apparently it’s possible to simulate the Huddersfield to Manchester train experience, which is just as well because experiencing it in real life is a bit of a lottery.

In-game purchases include an excuse generation module, and a station cat deployer should any of the press turn up looking for a story.

Rumour has it that it works intermittently in the daytime but is prone to outages for no apparent reason. it’s programmed not to function in the evenings.

Also coming soon – the Rail Replacement Bus Simulator with the option for the driver to ignore his instructions and stay on the A62 rather than picking up the passengers waiting at Marsden station.

[For the avoidance of doubt, the product is real and we’re giving them a bit of free advertising. We’ve embellished the commentary a bit based on suggestions from some Marsden and Slaithwaite commuters.]

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