New Timetable from 9th December 2018

New timetables now online at and

The main changes are that the Manchester Piccadilly to Leeds stopping service (the one that calls at GreenfieldĀ  and Marsden) is to be split into a Manchester Piccadilly to Huddersfield service (which will call at Greenfield, Marsden and also Slaithwaite), and a separate Huddersfield to Leeds stopping service.

In practical terms this means that times at Slaithwaite will be on the opposite half-hour from now. Apart from one early morning service and two evening trains (at Slaithwaite), there will no longer be through trains between Marsden/Slaithwaite and Leeds.

There are also changes to the peak hour trains westbound operated by Northern.

It seems a bit pointless to compare it with the timetable from May to December 2018, as the current timetable bears little relation to reality.

The reasoning behind this is that it will improve reliability, and it’s difficult to argue against this as an objective. The disruption to the peak services to and from Manchester, and to the daytime services, is something which needed to be addressed.

If your daily commute is to and from Leeds, with minor delays but relatively few cancellations, then you might not be aware of just how difficult the Manchester commute has become, with the peak frequency reduced from half-hourly to hourly and with even the reduced service being regularly cancelled or terminated at Stalybridge. The daytime service, too, has been subject to a large number of cancellations, often leaving two, three or even occasionally four hour gaps with no service.

The disappointment is that the one good thing in the May 2018 timetable, the through trains to Leeds, has had to be removed in an attempt to provide the reliability which should never have been lost in the first place.

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1 Response to New Timetable from 9th December 2018

  1. Andrew says:

    Slightly annoying that SWT MAN direct arrivals will be 08 past the hour in the morning compared to 40 past the hour meaning I presume many would need to get the 0734 to arrive in good time. The 0807 departure seemed well timed if you have no onward journey.

    Same towards Leeds: you can arrive at 0819 or 0919 but at least it looks like a good connection for an overall short journey. Of course, if the connecting train is cancelled or delayed then it could easily push 31 minutes to 45 minutes plus (the next connection is 15 minutes later)

    Maybe many people do have onward journeys and this would benefit them? But as you say, little point in comparing to a fantasy timetable!

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