TPE’s Idea of “Good Service On Most Of Our Network”

It’s things like this that make it difficult for SMART to say nice things about Transpennine Express.

A total of 20 cancellations, all of trains serving Slaithwaite and/or Marsden, on Saturday 3rd November. None of this is because the line is blocked – it isn’t – or because no trains are running along the route – most of the expresses are still running. The reason given for the cancellations is “driver shortage”.

When their website is describing this as “good service” at the same time as TPE journey check is listing a string of cancellations, it is apparent that TPE also have some communication issues.

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2 Responses to TPE’s Idea of “Good Service On Most Of Our Network”

  1. Tony Bowers says:

    Why is there no accountability? Why can they fail, like Carillion to guarantee performance as laid out in their franchise contract?
    Why do these things drag on and on with no action by the Department for Transport?

  2. John locke says:

    It is high time all MPs pressed for a transport sub committee hearing and ordered the attendance of Leo Goodwin. All the evidence is available to show the appalling and worsening delivery of tpe service.

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