A reminder of what Transpennine said before the timetable change

A letter from Leo Goodwin, Managing Director of TPE, to Andy Burnham before the timetable change.

So, of the claims made:

  • faster journey times to Manchester – only on the rare occasions when trains are running to time and not terminated at Stalybridge, and definitely slower to Victoria
  • faster journey times to Leeds – again, only when not being delayed
  • regular direct service to Leeds – yes, but being withdrawn in December
  • regular direct service to Manchester – we had this before, but now it often gets no further than Stalybridge
  • significant increase in seating capacity – no
  • earlier and later services – yes
  • more services on a Saturday – no
  • significant increase in services on Sundays – no
  • train fleet more reliable – no, reliability has been a feature conspicuously absent since 20th May
  • passengers getting faster, more frequent and more reliable services – no
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