Some statistics on cancellations since the timetable change

Number of cancellations or part-cancellations of trains serving Slaithwaite and Marsden 20th May to 7th August (2pm) 453
of which Northern services
of which TPE services 436
of which full cancellations 252
of which started/terminated at Stalybridge 201
As they are the same trains, the figures for Greenfield and Mossley are likely to be very similar.
The number of cancellations and part-cancellations has been significantly higher at Slaithwaite and Mossley than at Marsden and Greenfield.
[Source: This is as accurate as we can make it as at 7th August.  It will keep increasing. It does not include trains part-cancelled east of Huddersfield (e.g. trains to Hull terminated at Leeds or trains omitting stops between Hudds & Leeds). We have not even attempted to look at punctuality – a large proportion of the trains that do run are significantly late.]
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