“Leo Goodwin: My message to TransPennine Express passengers – I share your pain”

[from the Yorkshire Post, Tuesday 07 August 2018]

The Yorkshire Post asked TPE Managing Director, Leo Goodwin, a series of questions about their abysmal service since the timetable change. Specific questions were asked about the impact on two places, Scarborough and Slaithwaite. This is what Mr Goodwin provided in return.

Still sticking to the line that it’s mostly someone else’s fault.

Yorkshire Post article follows:

It’s fair to say that over the last
 few months, rail customers on some routes in the North have experienced significant disruption following 
the introduction of a major timetable change by a number of train

I’ve said it before and I will continue
 to say it until we have this sorted; I am truly sorry to anyone that has been affected by this. I frequently travel
 on our services and speak to customers on board and I am fully aware of the
impact that this has had on some 
people’s lives.

I read the comment piece by 
Tom Richmond in The Yorkshire Post 
on Saturday and hope I can now 
provide more balance to this.

The most important thing is we continue to resolve the issues and
 fully restore the level of service customers expect and deserve.

To those that travel with us, it may 
not appear that we have taken 
immediate action to address the issues since May.

However, behind the scenes, we
 have been working with Network Rail
 and other rail operators on a joint 
plan to improve the punctuality and resilience of train services in the

It’s really important that we 
all work together on this because 
around three-quarters of the delays 
to our services which have occurred since May have been caused by factors which are outside our direct control, principally infrastructure faults and delays on services run by other rail operators which have caused knock-on delays to TransPennine Express trains.

As a result of these joint plans, over 
the past week, we’ve started to see
 some notable improvements in performance following the phased reintroduction of Northern 

Northern had adopted a temporary timetable which was put in place alongside positive changes made by Network Rail including a change 
to their train regulating policy on 
the East Coast Main Line (which 
decides the order that different trains run in and how long they stop at 
signals for).

Our trains to and from Scarborough in particular have started to benefit 
from these changes.

This is positive progress, but there is still more to be done.

The railway in central Manchester 
is more congested than ever before 
which has had an effect on our 
services, all of which run through 
the city.

We are working hard with Network Rail and other rail operators to address this issue.

Our customers, including members 
of rail user groups, have quite 
rightly contacted us about the performance of our services and 
all of their correspondence has been responded to.

We have also attended various
 public meetings where people have 
had the chance to ask questions
 and raise concerns about these issues directly with us.

Our priority is to deliver the best possible level of service for our passengers.

Later this year, customers across Yorkshire will begin travelling on the 
first of our £500m Nova trains – with 
this futuristic fleet being the newest in the UK.

In a couple of weeks time, building work will begin on a new £7m maintenance depot for these trains, 
which is situated just outside Scarborough station.

With such positive and transformational changes just
 around the corner, our priority
 now is working with the rest of
 the rail industry to fully restore the reliability of all services.

I want to assure customers 
across the North of England that 
this is our number one priority 
and I thank them for their 

Leo Goodwin is managing director of 
TransPennine Express.

Read more at: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/leo-goodwin-my-message-to-transpennnine-express-passengers-i-share-your-pain-1-9287656

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