“Learning the lessons from a summer of Northern rail chaos”: a report by the Northern Powerhouse Partnership

A report published today (30th July) by the Northern Powerhouse Partnership analyses the disruption that has occurred since the May timetable change.

It’s interesting to note – and long overdue – that TPE are criticised for a level of service which is even worse than Northern’s.

Some of the damning comments in the report, with particular reference to how it affects passengers – or should that be former passengers? – at Slaithwaite, Marsden, Greenfield and Mossley:

“[Northern] did, however, recognise the scale of the situation and after two weeks implemented an emergency timetable – something TransPennine Express failed to do despite appalling performance, with up to half of trains seriously late or cancelled on some routes and days, with the worst performance in the country on this measure for the last three months.”

“Trans Pennine have also not co-operated with us on this report; a lack of transparency that is unhelpful.”

“In the aftermath of the timetable change, Northern accepted quickly the need to adopt an emergency timetable. However, Trans Pennine Express did not take the opportunity to adopt an emergency timetable, despite the fact …. that they have been cancelling 15% of their trains, or seeing them arrive more than 30 minutes late.”

“To compound matters, Trans Pennine Express have dealt with their lack of resilience …… by regularly cancelling trains at either ends of routes early.”

“This lack of responsiveness by First Group ….. makes this franchise in need of greater ongoing scrutiny by Rail North, with commuter towns to Leeds such as Dewsbury and Batley, alongside Stalybridge and the communities between there and Huddersfield, seeing sustained problems which have yet to be substantively improved.”

NPP report linked here.

Additional information from Manchester Evening News, 30th July 2018 https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/damning-report-slams-government-failing-14967156

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  1. Jane Larnder-Cox says:

    I agree totally about the appalling service for commuters at the smaller stations between Huddersfield and Manchester provided by TPE. I commute daily from Mossley. We have had delays, short notice cancellations, terminations and commencements at Stalybridge, trains that don’t fit on the platform, doors that don’t open and even drivers “forgetting” to stop. At least Northern held their hands up and tried to sort the mess TPE have not.

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