TPE agree to let passengers double back at Huddersfield at no extra fare during times of disruption

TPE have agreed to allow passengers travelling from Stalybridge, Manchester and beyond to Slaithwaite & Marsden to double back at Huddersfield at times of disruption (i.e.  most of the time), at no extra fare. This will apply for a trial period until 31st August.

[UPDATE 19/09/2018: TPE have agreed, after a little prompting, that this arrangement will continue until 8th December.]

This is something we requested at our meeting with TPE on 2nd July.

TPE didn’t see a need to inform passengers who might benefit from this. Whilst SMART is circulating the information, it should not have been left to a users’ group to communicate this information. TPE should have been proactive in publicising this to its long-suffering passengers.

Incidentally, we asked for some other stuff as well, like a train service that resembles the published timetable and actions to mitigate the impact of disruption on passengers at Slaithwaite, Marsden, Greenfield & Mossley. But TPE either wouldn’t, couldn’t or didn’t understand the question.

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