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We could all do with a laugh whilst waiting on Stalybridge station for the next available train in the general direction of where we want to go, so here’s TPE’s latest “stakeholder newsletter”, circulated on 18th July.

Highlight is this:

“The first three weeks of Period 2 saw very good performance across all routes.”

TPE Stakeholder Newsletter Jul-Aug18-5

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2 Responses to News from Planet TPE

  1. Jane Walker says:

    Could you please explain why the 10.15am train from Slaithwaite to Leeds did not adhere to the timetable? We had an onward journey booked to King’s Cross from Leeds at 11.05 am. We had to drive to Leeds from Slaithwaite in pouring rain, using two vehicles for 6 people. We used the multi storey, long stay car park adjacent to Leeds Station, incurring more costs. We are lucky in that we have vehicles, many residents in the Colne Valley do not have that facility. They rely on public transport, mainly the train service. At this point, barely on a par with a third world country ‘s facility!

  2. admin says:

    That question would need to be addressed to TPE.

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