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Mark Wylo‎ to TransPennine Express Trains

20 June at 22:34 ·

Can you explain why the TPE website has issues with the season ticket fares to Slaithwaite? The only two options shown for a 7 day season ticket are £53 and £56.40. Yet the National Rail website shows a £50.80 direct fare, as well as noting that the £53 fare is via Hebden Bridge. How can TPE not have managed to get the fares right a month into the new timetable?

TransPennine Express Trains Hi Mark, where are you travelling from? ^LH

Mark Wylo Sorry, Manchester Piccadilly direct to Slaithwaite. It is a bit strange that there doesn’t seem to be the cheapest fare available on your own website don’t you think?

Mark Wylo I would appreciate a reply at some stage…

Mark Wylo Still waiting for a reply Transpennine!

TransPennine Express Trains Mark Wylo Hi Mark, the cheaper £50.80 is hot valid for travel via (changing trains or passing through) Huddersfield, so this would restrict your travel. The other two season tickets available match what Network Rail have on their site:

– £53.00 – Valid only for travel via (changing trains or passing through) Hebden Bridge)

– £56.40 – Any permitted route ^LH

Mark Wylo That does not explain why your website does not have the £50.80 fare which is the cheapest and the direct fare. My journey doesn’t take me through Huddersfield as Slaithwaite is on the Manchester side of Huddersfield. Surely it is up to me to decide how restricted I want my travel to be.

Mark Wylo According to Principle 3 of the Code of Practice on Retail information for Rail Tickets and Services it states that: Retailers should take steps to ensure that the information they provide is, to the best of their ability, accurate and truthful and that the way in which it is presented does not deceive passengers or lead the passenger to take a different understanding than that which is actually correct.

Mark Wylo I fully realise that you will be unable to answer every single question, but perhaps you might like to push this upstairs to management to get their view on whether the website is complying with the Code of Practice. I would like to hear their response.


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