Lateness and Cancellation Data, First Two Weeks Of New Timetable

Here’s a spreadsheet showing the late running, cancellations and part-cancellations at Slaithwaite and Marsden over the first two weeks of the new timetable.

Red is cancellations, and there’s quite a bit of that. Blue is part cancellations, in the form of trains terminating at or starting at Stalybridge. Not possible to pick these up from the week of 20-27 May, so it’s actually worse than shown. Yellow is late, by various amounts.

Green is on time. There’s very little green showing.

Two of the supposed advantages of the new timetable were reduced journey times and the ability to put in stop orders on other TPE trains so that Marsden and Slaithwaite passengers were not stranded for hours on end.

Neither of those have materialised. A typical delay of 15 minutes wipes out any reduction in journey time, and where there should have been perhaps 30 stop orders over the last two weeks, it appears there have been just two.

msn_swt_performance (5)

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One Response to Lateness and Cancellation Data, First Two Weeks Of New Timetable

  1. RossOverThere says:

    I commute from Slaithwaite to Leeds every day – previously on the 0759 out (connecting with the 0812 at Huddersfield), and the 1720 returning (connecting with the 1745 at Huddersfield).

    By timetable, IF you trust the 0815 to be ON TIME, I’m 16 minutes per day better off in the mornings, and 15 minutes worse off in the evening. I’d be at home for 1 extra minute per day!
    I don’t think that train has been on time ONCE yet, and my boss is only so forgiving, so I’m having to get the 0735 in the morning instead.
    Coming home, instead of getting back at 1752, it’s 1807. So there’s the loss of 15 minutes at that end. (Plus the convenience of the direct service is ruined by the extra discomfort of it only being 3 carriages out of Leeds).
    My day is 44 minutes longer under the new timetable.

    In the first two weeks, I’ve ALSO lost an average of 27 minutes per day to delays and cancellations (yes, I’ve been counting).

    In 9 working days, I’m slightly over 10.5 hours worse off than I was before the timetable change. 1h 11min per day.

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