Northern Rail’s emergency timetable

Following the New Timetable Debacle, Northern Rail has come up with a recovery plan which involves planned cancellations of upwards of 150 trains per day.

No trains which call at Slaithwaite or Marsden are affected.

During the daytime between the peaks, the service between Stalybridge and Victoria is reduced to hourly, so that will mean extended connection times at Stalybridge for the trains calling at Marsden & Greenfield (westbound, connection time increases to 38′) and Mossley & Slaithwaite (eastbound, connection time increases to 53′). Note that at peak times there is still planned to be a half-hourly service between Stalybridge and Victoria.

Whether Northern will be able to operate even the reduced timetable remain to be seen. Their handling of their driver shortage over several months doesn’t inspire confidence.

It’s possible that Northern’s reduction in the number of services may reduce congestion at key points and enable TPE to run a service which more closely resembles their published timetable. We’ll find out from Monday onwards.

Link to revised Northern timetable (main service operated by TPE is unaffected but not included in this timetable) is—Manchester-04—08-June.pdf

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