New Timetable, Day Three

Yesterday’s posting was quoted at length in the Examiner, and now we feel under pressure to write something about today so as to help them fill their newspaper with things other than the random musings of that weatherman of theirs.

So, here goes.

Issues on day three. First the good news. The morning service towards Leeds appears to have worked ok, as has the evening service back from Leeds.

Now the bad news. Once again, multiple cancellations in the morning peak towards Manchester, services being terminated short at Stalybridge and services skipping Mossley & Slaithwaite to make up time. Whilst it might be operationally convenient for TPE to terminate late running services short, it should be the passengers that matter, and their plans involved getting to Manchester not being abandoned in Stalybridge.

Today, between 1347 and 1647, there have been no services linking Manchester and Slaithwaite.

We have been advised by some Manchester-bound commuters that they are already abandoning the train and making alternative travel plans.

Initially, all we were looking for from TPE was to be better than Northern, which was setting the bar really low. But, for whatever reason (and there may be things outside their control), it seems even that was asking for too much.

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3 Responses to New Timetable, Day Three

  1. Mark Tatam says:

    Cancellation of the Northern service this morning (8.35 at Slaithwaite). Seems to have been cancelled quite a lot in advance. Reason given was staff shortages. Northern evening service on Monday evening was also cancelled.
    Don’t know whether it has anything to do with TPE but e-tickets from Slaithwaite to Huddersfield not working since timetable change and ticket machine at Slaithwaite station has been removed so having to queue for tickets once get to Huddersfield station.

  2. Janette Martin says:

    I fear that TPE would like passengers at the smaller villages to give up in droves and then they can claim the stopping service is no longer viable and quit stopping altogether

  3. Josh says:

    Before getting too angry at TPE, I’d consider the timetable requirements. The whole “6 trains” business is a political decision and in my opinion DfT fiddling like that has led to an over-ambitious timetable across the board, which any operator would struggle to make work.

    Hopefully things will improve – it is still the first week, after all – but at the end of the day I don’t blame TPE (Arriva/Northern are another matter due to their understaffing, but even then, staff levels are part of the franchise requirements as well so…)

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