Strikes, Monday 8th, Wednesday 10th & Friday 12th January

Please see details about next weeks planned train strike (Mon 8th, Wed 10th, Fri 12th)—Stalybridge-buses.pdf

Replacement buses between Stalybridge & Huddersfield, hourly but finish in early evening.

Two months after asking, we still don’t know whether they call at Marsden & Slaithwaite stations or stay on the A62 Manchester Road.

If we get a reply more informative than

“Thank you for your feedback, which is really helpful to us.”

we will post it on here.

FIRST UPDATE 8pm, 3rd January:

“It should be from the stations. Please report this if it doesn’t happen ^TW”

SECOND UPDATE received 6.14pm, Sunday 7th.

“The buses are stopping on the A62 now, I have just confirmed this with our bus coordinator. Very sorry for the mixed information here ^TW”

THIRD UPDATE posted by Northern Rail on their facebook feed at 1pm, Monday 8th

#Marsden customers – the rail replacement bus pickup / drop off is in the station car park at the front of the station”

FOURTH UPDATE received 7pm, Monday 8th

“Marsden pick up and drop off is at the station, Slaithwaite is the A62 ^TW”

So we don’t know what to believe.

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